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Architecture Firms in Ahmedabad

A building project includes sketches, drawings, and details. These are the Architectural tools that help to bring any project to reality. Architectural and Engineering Planning are two pillars on which the project stands. Without them, a project might as well be left as an imaginary conceptual idea. At Empirical Consulting Services which are well-known architecture firms in Ahmedabad, Architectural Planning and Architectural Engineering Plans are produced in an organized manner.

Empirical Consulting Services has years of experience in handling varied clientele and has top Architects in Ahmedabad in the team. Architectural Planning at Empirical Consulting Services includes concept development followed by presentation drawings and layouts (Civil and interior). Estimates, tenders approvals, construction documentation play a huge role in shaping Architectural Planning and Architectural Engineering Plans.


As a part of pre-design we assist with the formulation of a brief; bulk and location studies; evaluation of properties; feasibility studies; resource consent applications; encroachment license application; arranging land surveys and geotechnical reports.

Sketch Design

It includes space planning; architectural design; engaging consultants and preliminary estimates of cost.

Developed Design

Detailed planning; selecting materials; presentation drawings; 3D computer models and preparation of color sample boards.


Co-ordination of consultants; detailed construction documentation; comprehensive specifications; color schemes and building consent applications.

Trust Empirical Consulting Services with your most complex Architectural Planning. With a qualified team of Architectural technicians, Engineering experts, and draughtsmen, Empirical Consulting Services has the solution to all your Architectural problems. With a clientele that spreads across the globe, Empirical Consulting Services has won the confidence of all who placed their trust in them. Come and be a part of ECS’ success story.


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