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7 Interior Design Ideas That Are Always In Style

Interior Designing in Ahmedabad

The homes people live in reflect their choices, their taste and their personality. Although trends can be fun to follow; designs that manage to remain chic and sophisticated for years are special. Just like the saying goes; they remain graceful and “age like wine”. Our interior designers in Ahmedabad expertise in designing homes that will feel current and welcoming after many years have passed. They are qualified to help you overcome the daunting task of putting together a timeless home while keeping your family’s comfort and needs in mind. In this article let us look at 7 such design ideas that you and your interior decorator can choose to implement:

# Use high quality pieces

This is an important step in designing a house that most people tend to procrastinate until they face budget issues and have to compromise on the quality of furniture. For a timeless interior you need strong and durable decor that gives your space a character of its own. You don’t need a lot of stuff in your house but the ones you do have should be of good quality. So make sure to fix a budget for decor and furniture beforehand. 

# Include organic materials

Nature is timeless and one of the best places to take inspiration from while building your space. You can add an organic accent to your home by adding natural materials like wood, stones, clay pottery, etc. They add warmth and depth to any interior while being visually appealing. Consider wooden furniture or bamboo wall hangings while decorating. They can be both functional and decorative according to your ideas.

# Do the kitchen in marble

This is the most commonly opted for trend when people are in search of something timeless and classy to glam up their living space. Marble kitchen counters are elegant, modern and a beauty to the eyes; especially white marble. Apart from being a visual candy they have various other benefits too such as- they are durable, ideal for cooking as they cool down fast, easier to clean, mostly stain proof, hygienic etc. Marble kitchen countertops are one of the best investments you can make for your house. 

# Try neutral colour palettes

Neutral colours highlight any space without dominating it. Hence they are the go to options while decorating your interiors. Different shades of neutral have different moods and different effects on your room. Instead of bright on- your- face colours that seem to pop out of the wall opt for navy or different shades of brown or white for your walls. You can combine light shades on the walls with dark furniture.

# Opt for symmetry in the designs

It is in human nature to notice symmetry and hence our eyes appreciate it. This is why arranging a space symmetrically has remained a popular decorating trend all these years. Subtle hues here and there are all you need- like putting two small end tables on either side of a couch or a pair of shades one on either side of the window. It is all about bring a balance on both the sides of a room. You can start small; take inspirations from the internet or the help of the best interior designers and architect in Ahmedabad by working with us. 

# Try hardwood flooring

The effect of wooden floors on your space is similar to that of marble in the kitchen. It is classy, elegant, beautiful and timeless. Apart from that it is almost a onetime investment as they are durable, retain their colour for long, goes with all decor types, easy to clean, etc. Hardwood flooring improves both the appearance and value of your home.

# Try built in shelves

Build in shelves give your room the sophistication that nothing else can. They act as both storage and display area. You can add books, small picture frames, souvenirs, etc to the shelves. Make sure the shelves compliment your walls and choose an appropriate colour pallet. 

These are a few examples of how you can elevate your living space and make it timeless. If it seems too huge a task for you to do alone, we recommend you to take the help of our firm which works with the best interior designers in ahmedabad. They are trained and qualified to cater to your needs. It is important to keep a good communication with your designer or architect before starting work in any project. This will help them make your vision possible while adhering to your budget and practicality. 


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